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Kids Dirt Bike (49cc)

Kids Petrol Engine 49CC Sports Dirt Bike
This petrol-fueled machine is made to satisfy your child’s track requirements and can carry children up to 17 years (80 kg capacity).
The bike is more than a toy as it is designed to ignite the love for racing in young kids. This is the best bike for your child to train them for offroading and to teach them RTO norms and laws.

Color and Style
A gasoline tank with a fuel capacity of 1.5 litres is provided into which petrol needs to be filled along with a 2T oil pouch.
The bike comes partially assembled. The handle, front tire, mud guard and rear shock absorber screw need to be fitted and the bike can go at a maximum speed of 45 kmph.


  • This amazing bike runs on a 49cc engine and is single cylinder,two-stroke, air-cooled
  • It can take a maximum Load of 80kg, which makes it suitable for even adults to ride it
  • It has the Fuel capacity of 1.5L
  • The maximum speed of this kids dirt bike is 45km/h, which is specifically so, so that children don’t drive at high speeds and don’t injure them selves
  • It can be started through the Pull start given in it and also through self start as it contains a 12V battery
  • This bike gives a Maximum power of 2Kw (700r/min)
  • It has a Battery of 12V which is used for self start and has to be charged with a charger provided along with the bike
  • It’s transmission is chain driven
  • The size of both the Tires are 2.5 x 10
  • It provides a Disk brake in the front and also in the rear ie, dual disk brakes (FRONT and REAR)
  • The Front suspension system of the bike are same as the KTM bikes in the Indian market ie, The Upside down fork absorber
  • The Rear suspension is the mono suspension which is adjustable and you can adjust it according to your needs
  • The Seat height of the vehicle is 62cm
  • And the Wheel base is 86cm
  • Being a bike for kids it still has a good Ground clearance of 18cm
  • The dimensions of the bike are as follows 1200 x 580 x 80mm
  • The dimesnions of the cartoon are 1100 x 270 x 560mm
  • The Net weight of the bike is 23kg
  • And the Gross weight of the bike is 25kg

These bikes are in much demand and gets out of stock very quickly, make sure you grab one before they get out of stock.